• Henry Barton

    Henry Barton

  • Daniel Rodic

    Daniel Rodic

    Co-Founder & CEO of Exact Media

  • William Frick

    William Frick

    Looking for Truth in a World full of Lies

  • Agbo Paul

    Agbo Paul

    I write human nature, Libido increase, philosophy, sex and health fitness

  • Satya Sampathirao

    Satya Sampathirao

    I like making disastrous decisions. And learning how not to repeat them. Let’s call it the human attempt at machine learning.

  • Synthia Stark

    Synthia Stark

    Canadian Mental Health Professional | 5x Top Writer | Writing about mental health, psychology, science, etc. https://linktr.ee/SynthiaS

  • karl marx junior

    karl marx junior

    Seize the means of production!!

  • David Smith

    David Smith

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